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WOW Organics and Source Distribution Execute 3 Year Distribution Agreement

PRNewsWire (11/1/2021)

WOW Organics LLC and Source Distribution LLC expected a three year distribution contract between the companies. WOW Organics LLC (and it's Parent Company WOW Life Sciences LLC) will provide Immunity nutraceutical products, including their new Immunity Packets and Immunity Capsules formulated to help people build natural immunity and improve their quality of life. The Immunity products include formulations designed to support sleep, energy, inflammation and focus.

Source Distribution LLC will purchase and distribute WOW's products to over 36,000 outlets around the country. Source Distribution customers include pharmacies, grocery store chains, convenience stores and other natural, plant-based medicine outlets.

As WOW develops other natural, plant-based, targeted therapeutic products for the general public, Source Distribution will be able to add those product lines into their distribution channels as well.

WOW Life Sciences is a Nutraceutical company with extraction, processing, formulation and packaging facilities in California, Texas and Tennessee. The company focuses on developing natural, plant-based nutraceutical products and improve the health and wellness of it's customers.

You can learn more about WOW at For more information call (888) 531-4555 and ask for Dan Schmink, WOW Life Sciences Chief Marketing Officer.

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